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A defoamer is a specially formulated additive to break down and release bubbles suspended in paint

Deformed shank nail

A deformed shank nail is a fastener with raised ridges on its shank that offer better holding power than smooth shank nails

Dermal absorption

Dermal absorptionis the transport of a chemical from the outer surface of the skin through the skin and into the body

Detail sander

A detail sander is a type ofOrbital sander that has a specific shape pad good for detail work and finishing in tight spaces. Usually made with a specially shaped pad for working the tool into tight places and on complex surfaces


A dimension is a measurable distance of some kind, such as length, width, depth, or height.


A dimple is an indented spot that is lower than the surface level ready for filling (see burnish)

Direct-drive saw

A direct-drive saw is a type of circular sawwhere the blade is directly connected to the shaft of the saw motor. Sometimes referred to as a “sidewinder”

Double bevel compound miter saw

A double bevel compound miter saw is a compound miter saw with a bevel angle adjustment in two directions (left or right)

Double pole switch

A double pole switch is a disconnect device that controls two circuits

Double top plate

A double top plate is the combination of the top plate and the cap plate used to produce a stronger upper wall edge for a loadbearing wall

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