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Back rolling

Back rolling is the process of applying a roller over a brushed or sprayed area to add a uniform texture

Backer rod

Backer rod is a foam strip used to fill larger cracks prior to caulking


The base section is the fixedladder section that does not move on an extension ladder. It remains planted to the ground and supports the fly section

Base plate

The base plate of a saw is a flat saw surface that makes contact with the material being cut and helps keeps the tool under control


A basin is a bowl for washing which is typically attached to a wall and having faucets connected to a water supply and a drain line for removing wastewater 

Battery pack

A battery pack is a portable and rechargeable power source for cordless tools


A bead is a line of caulk applied to a joint or seam

Belt clip

The belt clip is a convenient hook for storing a tape measure

Belt sander

A belt sander is an aggressive sanding tool that turns a continuous abrasive belt for use on large flat surfaces


A bend is a measurement method for two inside corners – not as accurate as other methods

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